What Are Cured Meats? DIY Curing Solution for Home and Kitchen

Cured meats are various types of meats that have been preserved through the process of curing. This often involves salting, smoking, and drying. Salt is a key ingredient in the curing process as it draws out moisture, thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause spoilage. Some cured meats are also smoked for flavor and … Read more

How to Cure Meat at Home: DIY Solutions for Drying Meat

One of the world’s most cherished culinary traditions, drying meat, has stood the test of time. From sun-dried delicacies of the African plains to the cured specialties of European countries, drying meat is both an art and a science. But why spend top dollar on store-bought cured meats when you can create these delicacies at … Read more

Making Ham Brine: How to Cure Ham so it’s Not Salty

In the quest to maintain the authentic taste of ham and guarantee its extended freshness, the ham brine injector stands out as a premier tool. This device plays a pivotal role in effectively curing ham. But, the question arises: how do we ensure the ham doesn’t end up too salty? Join us as we explore … Read more

Pellet Tube Smoking: Guide to Making Your DIY Pellet Smoker

If you’re a fan of smoky, flavorful meats, then you’re probably familiar with various smoking methods. One method that’s gained popularity in recent years is using a pellet smoker tube. These little tubes are an excellent addition to your smoking arsenal, providing a simple and efficient way to infuse your meats with that irresistible smoky … Read more